RUSROYAL company creates a personnel training platform on DoYoSkills
HR and Sales departments of regional branches created a single educational space for all employees and now they educate them fully online.
RUSROYAL, the official distributor of global manufacturers of flooring and finishing materials, has implemented online training for employees on the DoYoSkills platform.

Several departments within the company decided to train their employees - the HR department, as well as the divisions responsible for sales. The basis of the company is a close-knit team; during the pandemic, it was decided to effectively transfer experience and knowledge to employees through convenient and simple online training in different areas of work.

RUSROYAL started its activities in 1992, supplying high-quality european floor coverings and continues to increase its capabilities to provide the maximum number of opportunities for floor design.

Syed Sadaff Ali Murtaza
“We have a wide range of flooring products and every sales manager should have a good understanding and deep knowledge about the product. Also, our company is growing and number of people we're hiring increases from year to year. We understand that training our employees is an important part that influences our sales and revenue. We found a convenient DoYoSkills platform - the guys quickly launched it for us, helped arrange courses and place all our educational content. Now our employees better understand our business, the range and the values ​​that we carry. We plan not to stop and use the platform further.”
RUSROYAL is growing rapidly: the assortment is expanding, more sales managers are required. Due to the pandemic it has become difficult to conduct face-to-face trainings and educational events. For new employees instructions and courses on adaptation became necessary, while short format online trainings for sales managers are required to quickly involve them in the work process.
The platform was deployed in a short time, the corporate identity such as logo and colors were implemented in the system. Employees undergo training from mobile phones, PC and tablets any time, while their management receives convenient reports on the completed trainings with the results. Courses are created by both HR department and internal experts by using simply and convenient web builders on the platform. Courses contain short videos, presentations, excel and pdf files, as well as tests and homework assignments. Online learning on DoYoSkills is interactive and full of different formats.
40 people are trained on the platform on a permanent basis. The adaptation of employees began to be fully automated - all basic questions about the company are explained in short courses prepared by the HR department. Also, managers of sales departments on a regular basis undergo certification and training across all the floor coverings persented by the company. Courses are regularly updated according to business requests, and reports on training results are delivered by e-mail automatically to each department where an employee works.