DoYoSkills launches a web platform for online employee training, perfect for companies who want to put training on a stream and develop new channels with partners.
The DoYoSkills web platform is a combination of powerful capabilities of an Instructor and Student roles functionality: web builders for creating courses from Instructor's personal accounts, as well as a page with a showcase that hosts successfully published courses and webinars for Students. We call it "a mixture of Udemy and Wix" with the only difference that you are not creating websites with your own courses, you are creating the whole training ecosystem for your employees in one place.
Showcase of Courses
By using our web-builders you can create fully-fledged courses and webinars avoiding complex multi-stage and crosssite applications: existing tools on the market require you to install software locally to create a course and create lessons separately in different applications or tabs, same with tests, homework.

We developed constructors with a single interface so it is possible to manage the curriculum without switching between tabs, consistently creating lessons, quizzes and homework in the same screen. DoYoSkills focuses on the presentation of video material with a real speaker - it can be both courses recorded in a professional video studio and a real-time webinars - we have already integrated our platform with one of the best services for conducting high-quality online webinars.
Web - Constructor
We support the trend that no one except yourself in corporations can know better the specifics of your business and that is why the DoYoSkills web platform has all the necessary built-in tools for creating courses and webinars that meet the goals of your business. T&D department or your colleagues can become Instructors while other employees can be Students and will be able to take courses and webinars - just log in on the platform, select a course and start taking it.

By the way, we have a mobile web version of the platform available, so Instructors and Students can use the platform from there at work, on the road or at home - the platform is accessible from any point of the world.

And last but not least, a great thing about our platform is that it simplifies the creation of courses, takes over the routine processes of organizing courses for employees, and for the employees themselves - make training convenient and engaging due to video content.

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